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  Chairman Mr. Babini visit Luoyang during peony festival     [作者: 2011-05-05 点击: 3209 ]

During the twenty-ninth peony festival Luoyang, China. Chairman of I&C technology Consulting Co., ltd. technical Service Company invested by European Certifying Organization S.P.A. and LTS, Hereinafter abbreviated as I&C, Vice-president of European Certifying Organization S.P.A.-Mr. Babini came to Luoyang for four days regular visits.


Mr. Babini has deep feelings for China. Early in the eighties, he has been invited to visit china by china official. Since the election by the Board of Directors of ECO headquarter this year, He was elected to be the chairman of I&C based in Luoyang, he carried out a bold reform of the company. First, the company leadership was reorganized; he also established the company's executive committee system. All in all he makes the grand blueprint for the future development of I &C.


Mr. Babini born in Italy politicians, he has studied the history and culture of China. Mr. Babini expert in the field of industrial chemistry, He was the former President of the Ceramics International Union. March 2010 he has been invited carried out academic exchanges with the chairman of the Chinese Ceramic Society, China Building Materials Federation President Mr. Zhang Ren wei (the Chinese Ceramic Society news sites: http://www.ceramsoc.com/trend/100406.htm).


Since taking office, Mr. Babini is committed to expanding the company's business scope. This time Mr. Babini met with the General Manager Mr. Wang of Zhejiang LEAD product technic Co., Ltd. and Deputy Director Mr. Xu from Zhejiang Academy of Science and Technology for Inspection and Quarantine. The two sides mainly discuss the intention to cooperate with the Toys Directive etc.


April 20, 2011, Director Mr. Lee from the quality Department of Quality and Technical Supervision Henan Province met with Mr. Babini during the space attended the meeting and asked I &C business situation.


April 21, 2011, Mr. Babini held a meeting to executive board and all staff; during the meeting he announced the new membership of the leadership and the company's new development strategy. The meeting greatly encouraged morale in the company.


During the four-day visits, Mr. Babini also taking the time to enjoy the elegance of Luoyang peony. (The picture shows the Peony Park)


Under the new leadership team management, I&C will maintain the existing business advantages of the Machinery Directive and Lift Directive, and then we will expand the Toys Directive, construction Directive and other directives business scope in the future. While strengthening exchanges and cooperation certification services with Beijing, Shanghai and the eastern coastal areas in peer, in order to promote the company's performance to a new level.


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